ERCOT Appointee Tied To Clintons
Aside from the problems surrounding the Dallas to Houston high-speed rail, Dr. Aguilar’s corporate profile boasts of his nearly 7 years of service on the board of directors of Counterpart International, a progressive 501(c)(3) which joined the Clinton Global Initiative in 2015. Read More.
Texas GOP Calls on Gov. Abbott for Fourth Special Session on Vaccine Mandates
Echoing Republican lawmakers and gubernatorial challengers, the Republican Party of Texas wants legislation addressing vaccine mandates. Read More.
Organized migrant caravan moves toward US, surging past Mexican forces
A massive and organized migrant caravan is on its way from southern Mexico toward the U.S., and has already surged past a blockade by Mexican forces attempting to stop it from getting to the U.S.-Mexico border. Read More.
Texas Border County Government Coalition Forms to Demand More Help from Austin
The local governments of Kinney County, Uvalde County, and the City of Uvalde joined to form a commission to help residents negatively impacted by the ongoing border crisis. Read More.
Billions in Federal Coronavirus Aid Disbursed by Texas Legislature
The state has until 2024 to disburse the federal funding but has done so well in advance. Read More.
One month since Biden officials vowed fast investigation into Texas horse patrol incident
The Department of Homeland Security has not produced results from an investigation into the conduct of horse-mounted Border Patrol agents in Texas one month after Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas promised a conclusion within days. Read More.
Illegal immigrant arrests break all-time record during Biden's border crisis: Report
U.S. Customs and Border Protection has made the highest number of illegal immigrant arrests along the U.S.-Mexico border ever recorded in the last year, according to a report. Read More.
Union Pacific’s Vaccine Mandate Puts Thousands of Texans’ Jobs at Risk
Thousands of Texan railroad workers are facing termination for refusal of the COVID vaccine. Read More.
Gov. Abbott Appoints New Secretary of State After Months of Vacancy
The governor has appointed John Scott, a former deputy attorney general, to the position. Read More.
Texas Legislature Agrees On $3.3 Billion Bonding Bill For University Construction Projects
As the clock ticked down on its third special session this year, the Texas legislature passed a bill that would authorize more than $3.3 billion in revenue bonds for dozens of construction and renovation projects at public universities and health facilities across the state. Read More.
CDC will require kids to mask even when vaccinated
"So right now we are going to continue to recommend masks in all schools for all people in those schools. And we will look forward to scaling up pediatric vaccinations during this period of time." Read More.
Texans Call for Fourth Special Session to Address Vaccine Mandates
The Texas Freedom Coalition held a press conference in the Capitol calling for a fourth special session to enact legislation to protect Texans from vaccine mandates. Read More.
Legislature Gives Last-Minute Property Tax Relief Trinket After Negotiations Break Down
In a last-ditch effort, lawmakers filed and considered a proposed constitutional amendment that would do next to nothing to tackle the ever-growing property tax burden put upon Texas taxpayers. Read More.
Texas passes bill to protect girls' sports
In their third special session, the Texas legislature passed a bill that would protect girls and women from being forced to compete against biological males in athletics. Read More.
Southwest drops plan to put unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave starting in December
Southwest scrapped a plan to put unvaccinated workers with pending exemptions on unpaid leave after the Dec. 8 deadline. Read More.