Texas man killed at Astroworld festival trying to save 'love of his life,' family says
Danish Baig, 27, died trying to save his fiancée during Astroworld Festival in Houston, says his brother Read More.
Homicide is Soaring in the Brownsville-Harlingen, TX Metro Area
Homicides are rising at a record pace in the United States. According to a recent FBI report, there were a total of 21,570 murders committed in 2020, the most of any year in the last two and a half decades and up nearly 30% from 2019 -- the largest annual increase on record. Read More.
Federal Government Sues Texas Over Election Integrity Legislation
The lawsuit challenges “provisions of SB 1 that deny eligible voters meaningful assistance in the voting booth and require rejection of mail ballot materials for immaterial errors or omissions.” Read More.
Texas Cases Put Originalism to the Test
Yesterday’s arguments before the Supreme Court portend disaster. Read More.
Republican Flips Texas House Seat in District Where Biden Won by 14 Points
A Republican managed to flip a Democratic-held Texas state House seat Tuesday in a district that President Joe Biden won in November by 14 points. Read More.
Mexican Gang Members Convicted of Murder Arrested Smuggling Illegal Immigrants
MCALLEN, TX – McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) agents arrested multiple migrant gang members and criminal illegal aliens with serious criminal histories, to include foreign and domestic murder charges. Read More.
Austin City Councilman and Self-Proclaimed Socialist Greg Casar Announces Run for Congress
The city councilman who just won his third term in 2020 will vacate the position to run for the 35th Congressional District. Read More.
Texas Voters Decisively Pass Constitutional Amendments Securing Religious Freedom, Essential Caregiver Protections
Voters supported all of the proposed amendments to put the changes on the books. Two proposals respond to government restrictions that were imposed during the pandemic. Read More.
Del Rio Border Patrol Agents Seized No Hard Drugs in the Last Quarter of FY 2021
In an October 1 post captioned “Drug Seizure Stats Reveal Nationwide Impact of Bad Border Policies”, I reported that Border Patrol agents in the beleaguered Del Rio sector had seized no “hard drugs” (cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and fentanyl) between June and August.  Read More.
Dallas Mavericks to lift COVID test and vaccine requirements for general attendance
Seats within fifteen feet of the court are still mandated to continue this check-in process for the foreseeable future. Read More.
Texas governor says 'pornographic' content shouldn't be in schools
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) wrote on Monday that “pornographic or obscene material” has no place in schools and said school boards have a responsibility to protect children from "inappropriate content." Read More.
Texas Border Protection officers seize over $50M in meth being smuggled into US
2 separate meth seizures in Brownsville, Texas, led to arrests of American citizen, Mexican national Read More.
Supreme Court hears Texas abortion law arguments, Kagan knocks 'geniuses' who wrote it
Texas law S.B. 8 would ban most abortions at about six weeks, when fetal heartbeat may be detected Read More.
Sullivan: How I’m Voting
Voters must consider eight amendments to the Texas Constitution. Some of them should make you mad. Read More.
Texas State Rep. Jeff Cason Calls for Removal of Porn From School Libraries
Cason asks Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for a statewide investigation into pornographic books in school libraries. Read More.