Texas School Districts Continue to Offer Visual Pornography in School Libraries

As parents across the nation speak out against school boards for racist and pornographic curricula in children’s classrooms, the conflict is also unfolding here in communities across Texas.

In a social media post on Wednesday, four moms in the Fort Worth-area Keller Independent School District said one of the local high schools provided a sexually explicit graphic novel to minors in the school library.

“Welcome to Keller ISD. Yes, a Texas School [w]here legitimate visual porn, a felony offense, is in one of our libraries,” the moms’ account wrote. “[Administrators] were quick to find the book and pulled it from a student[‘]s hands, realizing the severity of distributing porn.”

“[T]he book was on their online library platform at Timber Creek High school,” they continued. “It was checked out by a student & the administration had to find the kid who checked it out and took the book back. All we know is that someone bought & uploaded it to the online library.”
Lips by Ralf Steinberger is licensed under flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic