NY Billionaire George Soros Intrudes Into Austin to Block Citizens From Restoring Police

AUSTIN — Amid a two-year public safety disaster on the streets of Texas’ capital city, far-left New York billionaire George Soros has again arrived on the scene, this time to block Austinites from restoring law enforcement to their town.

Late last month, Soros poured $500,000 into Equity PAC, a leftist organization trying to stop the upcoming Proposition A on Austin’s November election ballot.

Proposition A would reform and restore adequate police officers to the desperately understaffed Austin Police Department (specifically, the proposition would enact the nationally recognized “Safe City Standard” of two police officers per 1,000 citizens, as well as several other reforms).

The overall story traces back to last year, when the Democrat-run city council unanimously voted to defund APD by up to $150 million (one-third of their budget) and cancel three police cadet training academies. Since then, the department has lost hundreds of officers and disbanded numerous units, including some related to DWI, family violence safety and stalking, and criminal interdiction.

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