Haynes: Why State Bans & Flipping School Boards Won’t Stop Critical Race Theory

My recent Texas Scorecard article noted that the American Rescue Plan 2021, with $12.4 billion in ESSER grants to Texas for reopening schools, requires a minimum of 20 percent spent on social and emotional learning that includes critical race theory.

Solutions to stop CRT in schools that are touted widely by the media, and even think tanks, are state bans and flipping school boards. Let’s look at the facts.

State bans are being ignored. Emboldened teachers are declaring their First Amendment right to teach whatever they want without parents’ knowledge. Some states have penalties for violations of their bans, while others, like Texas, have no enforcement mechanism. The Texas ban includes only social studies classes.

Flipping school boards is also futile because local trustees have limited authority to make substantive changes.
Hillary Clinton at LBJ School of Public Affairs by LBJ Library photo by Jay Godwin is licensed under flickr Public Domain

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