ERCOT Appointee Tied To Clintons

Since February’s winter storm left millions of Texans’ powerless, the Abbott administration has been frantically trying to restore credibility to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), Texas’ grid operator.

Part of remaking the image of ERCOT has been installing fresh faces to the organization’s leadership board. As the Dallas Morning News points out, “The selection committee — composed of three members picked by the governor, lieutenant governor and the House speaker — will pick a total of eight board members.”

But one recent appointment made by the republican approved Board of Directors, Dr. Carlos Aguilar CEO of Texas Central, has many conservatives scratching their heads.

Texas Central, the organization heading the Dallas to Houston high-speed rail project, relies heavily on Japanese investment. The project came under heavy scrutiny prompting Governor Abbott to write the newly elected prime minister of Japan. In late 2020, Abbott assured the Japanese government that, “This venture has my full support as governor of Texas, and I am hopeful that final negotiations of this project with Japan can be concluded so that construction can begin.”

Aside from the problems surrounding the high-speed passenger railway, Dr. Aguilar’s corporate profile boasts of his nearly 7 years of service on the board of directors of Counterpart International, a progressive 501(c)(3) which joined the Clinton Global Initiative in 2015.

Like the Clinton Global Initiative, Counterpart International promotes progressive and globalist policies in the third world. One project with an estimated value of $22,748,000, seeks to provide agricultural assistance to 45,000 Guatemalan farmers. Other projects support artisanal fishing communities in places like Haiti, where the Clintons have faced increased scrutiny.

The Clinton connection notwithstanding, Counterpart’s blog and stated purposes are a leftist’s wish list. 

“Counterpart is committed to standing in solidarity with members of the LGBTQ+ community here and around the world in their ongoing struggle against discrimination and injustice. LGBTQ+ rights are human rights and critical to building inclusive, sustainable communities where all people can thrive.”

If U.S. officials have learned anything from 2 decades in Afghanistan, it’s that some societies don’t necessarily view western societal norms as progress. In fact, in many instances they view gender fluidity and abortion as retrogressive and bizarre.

Abbott's proximity to progressive multinational corporations is nothing new, making some question the depth of his commitment to the America first agenda. Perhaps this is why the self-styled fiscal and social conservative never publicly endorsed or even mentioned Dr. Aguilar.